The Evolution of Fashion in Modern Times

In early days designs were mostly plain and your choice of color was limited in various ways. Luckily, the evolution of fashion in modern times has improved designs and has provided rooms for us to enjoy fashions of different colors. Moreover, all through the history and in the future, the trend of fashion has been changing constantly. A style appears for a while and then a few years later, it’s out of fashion. The fashions that have had most of the drastic changes throughout the centuries are women’s fashion.


Centuries ago women were used to wear long dresses and layers of underclothes. Since they just made to cover up, most additions to the outfits gave off diverse illusions of sexiness. For instance, bustles were used to help show a women’s figure. Tight-laced bodice was worn to make a woman appear thinner, sometimes it was laced to a point that it was even hard for them to breathe properly. Waistlines were also very important in women dresses. You would have known a woman’s status in life by just looking at her form of attire. In modern days, it’s very hard to see such things.


In the 19th century, women were permitted to show a little more skin they had on generations before. A woman of wealthier status was permitted to put on lower neckline and the sleeves of their dresses were allowed to be shorter, showing off just a little arm. A long dress was very essential in women’s attire including a plenty of undergarment.


In the 20th century, there were significant changes happening to woman’s style. In 1900s women began to have a less defined waistline. Dresses started to become shorter in order to help save material for the war efforts. At around 1930s you would have found women wearing shoes that showed off their feet. Grooming of foot became an important part of woman’s hygiene routine because of changes in shoes. By around 1960s, women started to demand more rights which led to some changes in women fashions


Evolution of fashion in modern times have been changing and evolving especially. For about every 25 years some forms of styles are repeated in fashion with slight twists.